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AZH is an innovative entrepreneurial company founded on the core principle of excellence in Vascular Medicine and Wound Care. The AZH Limb Preservation Center is the first of its kind in the Midwest to combine and integrate expertise in wound care and vascular medicine for the management of peripheral vascular disease and ulcerative critical limb ischemia into one disease focused medical practice.

Providing care for these patients via hospital based clinics motivated by hospitalization and procedures is no longer a financially sustainable approach. Health Care Reform is shifting health care from a treatment based system to a value-based model incorporating outcomes based on best practice standards and reallocation of resources to outpatient, independent, office based care facilities.

AZH Centers are intended to begin the transition from the current hospital platform, a procedural based fee for service model, to a value-driven payment system modeling the ACO payment structure. AZH delivers a novel and disruptive approach to the care of patients with limb threat by performing safe, effective procedures and interventions with the cost-efficiencies that can be actualized in an outpatient, private practice setting.

onsite wound care

The AZH Plan is patient centric providing quality care focused on outcomes and wellness. The AZH platform will utilize best practice models for the management of diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, and diabetic foot ulceration and includes a disease prevention platform to hasten wound healing, prevent recurrence, reduce longer term complications and minimize the requirement for hospitalization. This operational plan is unique to today’s healthcare industry and will positively impact the delivery of wound care in alignment with the Accountable Care Act and other strong forces driving improved outcomes and cost efficiency.

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