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Edema Treatment

/Edema Treatment

Edema Treatment

Edema can be the result from varying issues, including chronic venous insufficiency, wounds, trauma, post-surgical procedures such as orthopedic and plastic surgery.

The effects of edema lasting longer than 6-8 weeks can result in decreased joint mobility and functional movement, pain/discomfort and overload to the lymphatic system (which can cause lymphatic impairment).

Edema treatment is very beneficial for higher stage chronic venous insufficiency, post orthopedic procedures, abdominoplasty (“tummy tuck”), liposuction, breast reconstruction (cosmetic implants/augmentation or reduction).

Scar tissue formation post-surgical procedure can raise havoc on the affected area, causing increased edema and fibrosis with further swelling as a result.

Edema Treatment includes:
-Specialized manual treatment (similar to a light massage), guiding fluid out of the swollen or inflamed area.
-Compression garments selected by an expert fitter is critical in edema reduction
-Specific and skilled application of kinesiology tape for edema reduction as well as for scar tissue breakdown.
-A home exercise program uniquely designed for each individual’s needs.
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