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The What, Why and How of Varicose Veins

The What, Why and How of Varicose Veins

First things first: The What We have all experienced being stuck in a traffic jam at some point in our lives. That jam is usually caused by a problem causing blockade on the road. The blockade results in the choking of traffic on the route. In our body, our blood is like the many drivers that travel each day and the vessels or the tubes are the roads that are spread across the body.   Veins are the roads that bring the weary

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October Case Study

This is a 75 year old female with a history of significant left arm swelling of a chronic nature, with heaviness, tiredness, swelling, tingling of the left arm that developed after a port placement via the left subclavian approach for her breast cancer chemotherapy.  The porta-cath was removed post-treatment.  Following this, she developed significant swelling of the left arm with symptoms as mentioned.  On physical exam. there was 5 cm circumferential differential between the left and the right arm, with left arm

AHA Outlines Diagnosis

AHA Outlines Diagnosis, Treatment Options for Under Recognized Critical Limb Ischemia

TCTMD Critical limb ischemia — evidenced by ischemic rest pain, a non healing wound/ulcer, or gangrene for more than 2 weeks with signs of poor blood flow — remains under-recognized by clinicians and patients, but a new scientific statement from the American Heart Association addresses this lack of awareness, as well as the uncertainty over the best means of patient management. READ MORE

Traumatic Hematoma to Left Leg

Traumatic Hematoma to Left Leg

Healing process of a patient referred to us for a traumatic hematoma on their left leg. Patient was seen by both Dr. Siddique for vascular management and by Dr. Niezgoda for wound care management. We are happy to announce that the patient has healed! Traumatic Hematoma to Left Leg

AZH Specialists Selected as Faculty Lecturers at 2018 NCVH and APWCA Conferences

Dr. Niezgoda and Dr. Siddique, along with Vicky Magnan, OTR were selected as faculty in the wound, vascular, and lymphedema fields, adding to the robust and distinguished faculty chosen to lecture at the 2018 American Professional Wound Care Association Conference. The APWCA conference was held September 6-8, and is a nationally recognized clinical conference, drawing hundreds of medical professionals. The AZH center was also represented by Brandon Hoffman, BS and Jonathan Niezgoda, MA. Discussing an exciting new technology in the wound care

Landmark EVRA Trial Provides First Level 1 Evidence for Early Endovenous Ablation

The first full results of the Early Venous Reflux Ablation (EVRA) ulcer study were presented at the Charing Cross Symposium (CX; 24-27 April, London, UK). The presentation was accompanied by simultaneous publication in the New England Journal of Medicine after the session. The randomised trial revealed that early endovenous ablation outperforms deferred treatment in healing leg ulcers. It shows early ablation of superficial venous reflux results in faster healing of venous leg ulcers and patients having much more time free from

AZH Interview on Senior-Talk Podcast

AZH was featured on WISN 1130’s Senor Talk Podcast! Click play on the video to the right to hear Dr. Jeffrey Niezgoda and Jessica Sadowski discuss AZH. Senior Talk is an informative radio program that educates seniors and those that love them on services available to help the aging population live a happier, safer and more comfortable life. httpss://